About E.C.O.

Eco Canadian Organic Inc. is a family-owned medical-grade cannabis producer located in Rexton, New Brunswick. Our mission at E.C.O. is to provide Canadian communities, including First Nations, Veterans, RCMP and First Responders with safe access to the highest quality lab-tested and organically-grown cannabis. We believe that naturally-grown, clean flower has the potential to transform the health and wellness of many Canadians for the better.  We are community-focused. We continue to provide great employment opportunities as we continue to grow.

We also aim to provide educational and harm reduction support services. Our passion and enthusiasm to grow clean and green is our focus each and every day. Our organic methodologies and practices ensure to our customers, patients and clients that our product is grown with nothing but artisanal well water, living soil, biologicals, eco-friendly light and attention to detail from our dedicated team.

 E.C.O. is Clean Green Certified in Canada. For more information visit our Clean Green Certification page.