Sublingual THC and CBD Strips

Game-changing drug delivery

E.C.O. sublingual strips are similar in appearance to common forms of strips used for breath freshening purposes.  The strips are placed under the tongue for maximum absorption of cannabinoids.  The strips quickly dissolve when in contact with saliva and the contents are absorbed through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream, ensuring rapid onset of effects.

THC and CBD strips are available in 2.5mg, 5mg or 10mg doses.  Our strips are a recognized solution for patients unable to swallow pills or who require immediate drug delivery.

By placing the strip under the tongue, inside the cheek, or directly on the tongue and allowing it to dissolve, the active cannabinoids are released from the strip and rapidly delivered across the tissue into the bloodstream.

Strips are designed to provide rapid delivery for faster clinical effect and symptom relief.
They utilize a proven drug delivery system that can replace the use of injectable drugs while still providing precision dosing for drugs that need careful titration.  They are easy to use, store, and transport with a long shelf life and child-resistant environmental barrier packaging.  The strips simplify drug delivery for patients who have difficulty with swallowing.  Given the number of drugs the elderly are prescribed, this drug delivery system can decrease the burden associated with pills.

Elderly patients are inherently predisposed to dysphagia predominantly because of comorbid health conditions.  Healthcare providers often encounter older patients with either oropharyngeal or oesophageal disease and complaints of dysphagia.