Eco Canadian Organic Inc. Opens Cannabis “Farmgate” Linked to New Brunswick Trail

REXTON, New Brunswick - Eco Canadian Organic Inc. is a Health Canada licensed cultivator and processor located in Rexton, New Brunswick, announced their Farmgate store as the 'Trading Post' - which will be located in a new stand-alone building on-site where they plan to sell E.C.O. cannabis, accessories and non-cannabis products - in addition to offering other locally grown New Brunswick cannabis products and can be accessed from the ‘New Brunswick Trail'. “At E.C.O., our mission is providing safe access to high quality, lab-tested, organic cannabis to our consumers”, CEO Denise Hannay said in a statement, “However, with the exciting growth in the industry to expand Farmgate into the province of New Brunswick, E.C.O. now can invest in creating a consumer-focused experience that goes outside of the traditional retail transaction – we want to be different”. “The ‘ECO Trading Post’ was selected to recognize and acknowledge the distinct cultures and history of our country,” states Denise Hannay, "The Farmgate name 'Trading Post’ was inspired to recognize the organic roots where retail derived from in Atlantic Canada”. Unique features that ‘ECO Trading Post’ is incorporating into their Farmgate vision are:

• Connecting the ‘New Brunswick Trail’ to the Farmgate Store location allowing for off-road access. 

• Locally grown and cultivated New Brunswick cannabis products (flower, extracts, edibles, topicals). 

• Direct sale of clones, vegetative plants, and seeds in addition to hands-on educational workshops, facility tours and non-cannabis products and accessories.

“Cannabis NB has been very progressive in supporting the development of our store front" says Hannay, “E.C.O. see's this as a historical milestone in our province and communities of opening farm gate retail stores managed directly by license producers. The Farmgate model will allow us to showcase our state-of-the-art facility, create brand awareness through tourism, as well as providing educational tours and workshops." By offering these services, our vision is that this will help to alleviate the stigma and fears surrounding cannabis - and we anticipate our educational approach will support the safe and responsible consumption of cannabis". Hannay explains, “Now that the cannabis industry is showing tourism growth, we want to continue to work with governing bodies to align ourselves with the same experience that wineries or breweries currently offer. With the progressive approach by Cannabis NB and their forward thinking – this will encourage for an alignment and discussion to evolve.” Eco Canadian Organic Inc. says their planning to open to the public early December 2021. Announcements regarding official opening date, hours of operation and product offerings will be available on

About Eco Canadian Organic Inc.

Established in October 2020, Eco Canadian Organic Inc. operates a state of the art Cannabis facility in Rexton, New Brunswick.  E.C.O. holds licenses for Standard Cultivation, Processing, Research & Development, and Sales of Dried and Extract Cannabis.  E.C.O. uses organic growing methodology to grow their Cannabis.  Their Cannabis is grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals or pesticides/herbicides.  Eco Canadian Organic Inc. cultivates a passionate team focused on being industry leaders in organic farming – with the intention to be recognized as a global manufacturer of organically-grown Cannabis.

Media Contact:
Denise Hannay
CEO, Eco Canadian Organic Inc.
(506) 523-9474